Bitrix24 As a Human Resources Information System

An Integrated Solution for all your HR and Background Checks needs

More than 25 free HR tools conduct by HRIS in Britix 24, such as personal informal group, nonappearance headings, dividend docket, management report, gathered resume, freedom requests, typical entrance, errands and tasks management, alignment of employee’s workload. Over 2500 HR departments, staffing agencies and professional recruiters use social HR solutions. In addition this application is directly connected Back Check Central Verification platform that enable our clients to directly connected with our portal securely to order new check, check status of in progress checks or download completed reports.

Company Structure/ Organizational Chart

  • Permission/Visibility settings
  • Visual builder/Departments/Heads
  • Group tasks and projects
  • Variant-division (separate intranets for each department)

News and Announcement

  • Single announcement worth for whole Company
  • External news and feed import through RSS
  • Company news

Time Management

  • Clock in/clock out/breaks
  • Time sheet management.
  • Easy to Monitor
  • Personal/Team/Company work reports
  • Personal/Team/Company efficiency reports

Leave/Time Off Management

  • Leave chart and requests
  • Business Trip Requests


  • Company/Personal/Team calendars
  • Public/Private events
  • Subscriptions and Notifications alerts
  • Check availability/Invite/Schedule
  • CRM activities/Tasks
  • Allotted holidays/ days off
  • Outlook/Exchange/Google
  • Calendar/iCal/CalDevintegration
  • iOS/Android

Knowledge Management

  • eLearning/training system
  • Knowledge base
  • Innovations and Idea Management
  • Wiki

Employee Management

  • Badges and peer praise
  • Activity Stream/Social Intranet
  • Likes and Follow any employee
  • Employee Birthdays

Document Management

  • Personal and Common documents: Personal/Team/Company
  • In-place editing (Google Docs/MS Office Web Apps/MS Office)
  • Network drive mapping and desktop app with document sync
  • Version History

HR Forms and Records Management

  • Customization of HR forms (transfer requests, training request, grievances)
  • Centralized HR repository
  • Records Management
  • Workflow integration
  • SharePoint connector


  • Resume Storage
  • Internal Job board/Vacancies
  • Interview scheduling

Flexible Workforce

  • HR 2.0/Social HR
  • Extranet access
  • Fulltime/Parttime/Temps/Contractors/Interns/Freelancers
  • BYOD and SMART phone access

Integration with other tools

  • API available
  • Source Code
  • Simple Server Requirements

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We will not leak your personal information

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