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Background check group assists multiple sectors in social media background screening. We have global reach with different partners all around the world. With our extensive and broad databases we offer smart and quick screening solutions which can help the employers have a thorough understanding of the applying candidates as well as existing employees.


Airport, Airlines, Aviation Suppliers

More and more companies are becoming socially conscious and wish to do more for the safety of not just their own staff, but also for the safety of the general public as well. Therefore, these organizations take it upon themselves to ensure that various government policies relating to smuggling, tax frauds, immigration, etc. like Anti-Terrorism Act, Data Protection, Aviation and maritime Security Acts, etc., all get implemented in the best possible manner. These companies are therefore, conducting aviation screening, which help in finding social linkages between individuals and network groups, especially those which have been declared under the list of the prescribed organizations.

Contact & Call Centres

The online social profiling is the important chunk of any company’s life cycle. Likewise, call centers, in which confidential information has to be entertained, is seeking a rising trend to hire online social profiling when it comes to recruitment and maintenance of employees. Where the word “online” is added, most of us start to think about the leakage of confidential data. However, it is not the case. If your selection is Background Check Group, then there left no room for doubt. The online profiling of Background Check Group is promising the security of confidential data and committing that it will not be leaked out in any case. Thus, social profiling with Background Check Group is the more secured channel than prior ever.


No doubt health care industry is an important part of our society for health care screening. Thus, Background Check Group considers it very important to work upon. With the on growing competitions in the market, the recruiters are hiring more health professionals for health care services.

Independent & Private Schools

There is a lot of trust that the students and their parents put in the teachers. Till date, it is not mandatory for schools to conduct online social profiling and check the associated compliance requirements at the time of hiring and training of these teachers. This is like making a mockery of the trust of the students and the parents and now the necessary corrective actions are being considered by TES and NUT. It is only through these checks, will the institutes be able to guarantee the kids and their parents that the teachers of their school practice high levels of professionalism and integrity, both at the workplace and also in the society and hence are qualified to be a role model for other children.

Legal & Finance

The success of companies vastly depends on the confidence that the clients have in the organization. This confidence of the clients in the organization manifests itself, in the increased demand from the clients for the products and the services of the company. The employee of a company plays a very crucial role in gaining this trust and confidence of the clients. Therefore, it becomes important for the companies to conduct their recruitment process with high levels of due diligence, so that only those people, on whom the clients will be able to place their trust on are hired by the company.

Pre Employment Screening & Vetting Companies

The employees of an organization are its biggest asset. No company can expect to deliver high standards of quality in its services, if it does not have good employees at its disposal. All the companies are aware of this fact and therefore, they use many different checks at the time of the recruitment of these employees, so that only good individuals get selected in the process. Besides, ensuring that these employees are good at their work, it is also important that one ensures that the behavior of these individuals is socially acceptable and they would not prove to be a risk to the company and the general public. To meet these modern recruitment needs, modern employment screening services like ONSRA and HOBRA need to be implemented by the companies at the time of recruitment.


Times have changed and it is important that the companies also change the way and the kind of information they collect about the individuals at the time of recruitment. To make the process of talent evaluation and recruitment evaluation more modern and safer, companies would need to have the support of the information relating to the digital footprints of the individuals in order to get a good idea about the cognitive behavior of these individuals in the online world. It is also important that while making these recruitment checks, the companies follow all the prescribed rules and conduct these checks in a compliant manner.


It takes years and loads of dedication and effort for the companies to build a brand image for themselves. Hiring of one bad employee can destroy this brand image of the company and set it back by years. Therefore, for companies, especially those whose sales are directly affected by its market image, social profile management become extremely important, since it only through proper retail background checks that they can ensure that they take the right decisions during the recruitment process and thereby protect their brand image.

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