Background Check Group Facilitates Services Of Best Agencies Through Its Partnerships!

Background Check Group has partnered with the world’s leading organizations that carry exclusive competences and skills in assisting the businesses and firms of entire diversity. The objective behind such partnerships is to ensure the development of maximum value for the seeking firm by ensuring that the efficiencies and profits are optimized. In the current context, the business and enterprising have emerged as the intricate activities and require the balancing of different dimensions or direct and indirect relevance.

Often, the managers miss some of the essential dimensions and the organization has to suffer. The reason could not be traced to the incompetence of the managers/echelons but the dynamism that has emerged and which keeps spinning the new parameters. The businesses are therefore required to take notice of the parameters relevant to their initiatives and portfolios. Background Check Group has been maintaining the partnerships with such institutions and agencies that have emerged as the specialists in their tasks of identifying the correct demands. These agencies also work for meeting the same demands in favor of the business clients. Here are the institutions with which Background Check Group maintains active partnership. Let’s look into their profiles and offers.


This agency has developed robust and objective competencies in the offering and practice of ‘psychometrics’ tools so as to effectively manage the talent pools ‘in house’ as also at the hiring desks.

It should be understood that HR constitute the core component of any business organization. Unless these are efficient, the business or enterprise cannot climb up the progress ladder even after pooling the finances. The first and foremost step is to ensure that the hiring of the best available talent is done. ERAS has developed tools for the assessment of talent and calibers of diverse specificities so that the candidates with specializations could be judged along the authentic dimensions. Background Check Group facilitates the effective liaisoning for the biz client at its desk. The talent check and grooming through the training maneuvers could be also availed for the ‘in house’ HR pool of the firm. This brings to the fore the aberrations against the authentic requirements of the firm.


SP Index is a techno tool that allows for the assessment and reporting of the online activities and profiles of the individual. This proves worthy in case the individual is the HR of the company and there are suspicions that he could be offering bad credits for the organization in the online domains. The social media clout is growing fast and there have been instances that the employees are expressing their bad experiences at the workplace in the open domains. These activities could be sabotage type also and need to be taken care of. SP Index does the job by networking efficiently with the diverse databases and filters of authentic application.


ESQ Cert Ltd. is a firm engaged in facilitating the quality certifications and compliances for the businesses and enterprises of different orientations. The firm offers to improve the work and management patterns for the client companies to make the standards and hence secure the certifications. The following certifications are offered –

  1. ISO 9001:2008
  2. ISO 14001:2004
  3. ISO 27001:2013
  4. OHSAS 18001:2007


International Screening Solutions, Inc (ISS) is one of only some worldwide background screening corporation in today's world that focuses on International Background Screening Services (IBSS).  We center on providing a crammed selection of IBSS services such as observance consulting, finest practice solutions design, liberation of pre-employment screening, vendor screening and superior due diligence services in over 192 countries around the world.

We are partners with ISS to offer our client a variety of new services by presenting custom ISS products adapted according to the neighboring society by having vigor perceptive of local markets in Asian countries particularly.


PsyMetrics is a developer of estimations designed to determine those talents, capabilities, competencies and behavioral personality significant for best performance. They have been in business for more over 20 years. Our assessments have been overseen to millions of persons and have been executed by over 10,000 associations globally. Their content has been incorporated and sold under confidential label partnerships by some of the most appreciated testing, talent acquirement and applicant tracking companies in the globe

We are partners with them to offer the way in to PsyMetrics to local marketplace with a fresh reach by considering the genuine matters linked HR and recruitment in Asian countries.


Mindit is the initial company in Romania doing screening service and will always be the specialist in the ground – at Mindit we are directing our whole focus into the place of educational and specialized background checking. According to the Romanian legislation, Mindit is a private data operator.


Graydon provides you a full depiction of the possession, financial and credit record of companies both in the UK and abroad. Companies rely on Graydon to allow them to make exact, practical assessments about credit possibility. That’s because we use the most recent information existing and channel it into real time, sector-specific, credit risk data. We give credit reports on both corporations and the folks, as of swift snapshots, through to extremely detailed risk assessments and we do it both UK wide and globally. These consist of corporation credit checks, credit risk management products, UK company credit checks, global company credit checks, buyer credit checks and reports, credit scores and credit status reports.


Data Direct Now LLC was shaped by a faction of those with 15 years joint understanding in management, technology and sales phase in the background checking industry. With some aims in mind of presenting their regulars they have finest data probable at competitive prices in spite of of your existing annual volume. They’re dedicated to providing the most recent and absolute criminal data in the industry. Their database is modernized on a regular basis.


Established in 1997, Guidance Software is renowned internationally as the globe chief in e-discovery and other digital investigations. EnCase® software solutions offers the foundation for commercial government and law enforcement associations to conduct systematic and efficient computer investigations of any sort, counting rational property theft, incident reaction, observance auditing and response to e-discovery requests-all while maintaining the forensic uprightness of the data. Guidance Software trains more than 6,000 corporate, law enforcement and government professionals yearly in the areas of computer forensics, enterprise forensics, e-discovery, and computer incident response. Courses and materials are presented in a range of languages in Guidance Software facilities globally, through partners and online.


You can use Bitrix24 as a human resources managing system (HRMS) for your corporation. All the nucleus HRMS features – from an employee directory and a self-service portal to leave management and work reports are there, enfolded in a social crossing point that your workers and HR section will love to use.  Bitrix24 is a highly protected, turnkey intranet explanation for small and medium-sized businesses designed for efficient collaboration, communiqué, social networking, and workflow and knowledge management. The product allows amplified employee output, inspiration and awareness, and smoother internal operations. The newest edition of Bitrix24 lets small businesses replace Yammer, MS Office, Salesforce, Dropbox, Basecamp, WhatsApp and Skype with a single out-of-the-box solution that requires very small setup at only a fraction of what others charge. This modernization will change how small businesses work around the globe.


Ordered information recovery performed on application documents is one characteristic of automated application processing. Even more significant is the semantic perceptive and classification of information as it forms the key element for impartiality, consistency, and comparability.

As a outcome, CVlizer already sorts out in series following worldwide standards:

104 industry branches (following NACE Rev.2 standard of the European Union)

258 countries (following ISO standard 3166-1)

185 languages (following ISO standard 639-1)

6 language levels (following CERF standard of the European Union)

7 education levels (following ISCED standard of UNESCO)


At Zoho, software is our ability and obsession. We create stunning software to resolve business problems. Over the past decade of our expedition, the Zoho suite has come out to be a head in the cloud and on your devices. As much as we love software, it is our citizens and our society that are our most precious assets. Our natives spend years mastering the craft. In an industry where technology changes at a persistent and dizzying rapidity, we give importance to the willpower and patience as highly as flexibility.

Zoho Recruit is a full featured Applicant Tracking System for HR and staffing departments. It is trouble-free and makes the employment process easier, right from elevating a request to making a service offer. Thus, it allows your employment team to center on acquiring the right talent. Zoho Recruit – Recruitment Software integrates the whole recruitment procedure initializing from request submittal to posting the job in the website, scheduling interviews and tracking candidates’ development based on the hiring procedure.


Enjoy a reliable experience from your computer, tablet or phone. Draft a suggestion in Docs at the office, review it on the train, then make final edits from your handset right before the meeting. Get more out of your workday.  Deal with mobile devices, email addresses, security settings and more from the Google Admin console. Keep all your corporation data safe, central and secluded from trouble such as missing hardware or employee revenue. Your business, your rules. Plan events in Calendar at times that work for everybody. Get meeting reminders unswervingly to your Gmail inbox. With one-click, join a video meeting through Hangouts and share your Slides to review as a team. Less prep, less next steps. Create a budget tracker in Sheets, share it with teammates and edit it in real-time. It’s involuntarily laid up in Drive so everybody at all times has the most recent version. No more sending attachments to get on the same page.

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