All corporations have a number of reasons to opt to execute a Pre-employment screening program. Each business has its own exclusive ambitions and necessities, but all will trust is that by putting together a tailored screening program from Background Check Group, benefits will be felt in every corner of the association.

Background Check Statistics from a Matter of Fact

Information has been gathered from years of experience and thousands of background checks. Here are some statistics that show the percentage of people whose background checks revealed serious conflicts.

  • 23% of Employment Verifications had stern flags.
  • 39% of all Background Checks had at least one serious flag.
  • 44% of Driving Records had firm flags.
  • 10% of Criminal Record Checks had stern flags.
  • 10% of Education Verifications had severe flags.
  • Statistics Of Interest From Industry Sources
  • Workplace hostility count for 18% of all brutal felony — Workplace Violence: Bureau of Justice Statistics
  • The typical association loses 5% of its annual revenue to professional fraud — ACFE: 2014 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse
  • Databases from National criminal history have an error rate of 41% — NBC: Criminal Background Checks Incomplete: How convicted felons can slip through safety net
  • 16% of administrative resumes have claims and/or material omissions relating to educational experience that are not true — Business Week: Executives: Making It by Faking It
  • The substitution cost of a bad hire is up to thrice the salary of the job in question — Impact of a Bad Hire: Right Management Survey
  • In 33% of the resumes you are sure to find some degree of puffery — Bankrate.com: Do a Thorough Background Check on Workers — or Let the Hirer Beware

In spite of of whether the employee is hired or is about to be hired employers must to be ready and immediate to conduct Background Checks continuously. Here are some of the reasons for Employment Screening.

Negligent Hiring: Law suits relating to this matter are on the mounting these days. Exceptional concern must be shown while managing such matters as a sound choice will moreover make or break the corporation.

Child Abuse and Abductions: Such cases have increased the need for screening which has become even disturbing essentially when it comes to volunteers.

Falsified Information: Due to the elevated hoist in accessibility of fallacious information on different mediums it makes employers assessment of accepting information at face value difficult.

9/11: This event has given much need to steadily study your employees before and after hire.

The Senior tier: Corporate executives now have to face a degree of check in both professional and private life unfamiliar before the Enron debacle and further corporate cases.

Federal and State Laws: There are a lot of laws necessitate for some jobs which have a fixed level of risk stalled that the candidates be cautiously screened before introducing them to such elevated and risky jobs.

The era of information: The suitable access of infinite information available at a variety of mediums raises the probability of fake information which requires abundant sum of screening.

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