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Headquartered in Singapore, Background Check Group is operational since 2007. We offer efficient and smart background screening services to let you go paperless, diminish laying-offs and become cost-effective when you enhance your screening program either domestic or global.

Health care is one sensitive industry in the corporate world; hence it’s imperative that people connected with the industry have clean histories & an upright status. Background Check Group offers occupational healthcare screening solutions to the clients to avoid worst scenarios which can emerge due to negligent hiring.

Workplaces require decent employees so that their ethics & moral values can be followed as well as worst scenarios do not emerge. Drug abuse is common in the workplaces which lead to disastrous results. Background Check Group has got you covered, avail drug & health screening solutions from us & remain complaint to state or federal standards.

Mergers & acquisitions are quite common in the corporate mainstream. You must ensure the credibility and validation of a company if you are proceeding to get merged or acquiring any entity. Background check group has extensive and smart screening solutions to verify any business around the globe.

Seeking a job? Is your professional history clean? Not sure? Don’t worry, Background Check Group has got you covered. Avail our smart professional identity self-screening solution to keep on the top priority lists of potential employers. The check will empower you to stand out of the crowd and be in the favorites list.

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