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What is Audit & Monitoring

Currently, the corporate mainstream has become vulnerable to multiple risk factors. The need for audit and monitoring have inclined phenomenally, therefore the audit & monitoring process have become a fundamental part of any business today. Background check group helps the global business in this process to help them sustain their standards and maintain a sound relationship with their contractors and vendors.

The one remarkable service which will remove the requirement of searches for recent matches in different time intervals. Portfolio monitoring product offers candidate employment or business screening drives using huge name databases.

Run an investigation on your employees’ social media trails and trends to look out if the employee is posing a negative threat for your organization. Background Check Group have the digital software to monitor such trends on social media to locate the threats to your visions.

One of the finest service to eradicate any impending threat to the organization by executing a thorough search on the existing and potential employees of the company. Background check group works as a partner with you to exterminate any risk associated with employees.

Following the FCPA standards, this service offer continuous due diligence inspections each week for a year. This one service provides a complete collection of diverse sorts of facilities covering major compliance and risk factors.

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