Hire The Right Person… The First Time

No matter how great an applicant looks on paper or how smooth they appear during the job interview, many are experts at fooling the most experienced recruiter. Difficult personality characteristics, low skill levels and even issues with integrity may not surface until you have made that costly hiring decision. You are then left to deal with the emotional strain and potential legal problems associated with having to terminate a bad hire, not to mention all the hard costs associated with having to recruit again, time spent on interviews, re-training and loss of productivity.

Elite Performance Forecasting

Hire peak performers with pre-assembled industry-specific assessments or create your own based on exact job requirements.

Elite Profile Testing

Identify those individuals who have the mental toughness and winning attitude found in elite athletes.

Elite Intellect Profile

Identify those candidates with the mental capacity to learn and problem solve quickly.

Positive Attitude Profile

Create a culture of positivity and optimism.

Situational Judgement Test

Identify candidates with excellent judgment and problem solving capabilities.

Career Success Predictor

Hire employees who “fit” the job.


Measure the Big Five personality characteristics.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

Assess their mechanical knowledge and aptitude before you hire.

Think in Development

Build your own cognitive assessment.

Ready to Get Your all-in-one Background Screening Platform

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