C5 Elite Profile Testing

The C5 Elite line of assessments was born out of independent, scientific research which looked at athlete test scores and performance data collected over a ten year period. The research focused on the C5's factor structure and its ability to predict athletic performance. The C5 assesses five behavioral characteristics associated with athletic success: Commitment, Conscientiousness, Cooperativeness, Control and Competitiveness. The results of the research study concluded that the C5 is not only predictive of how coaches' rate their athletes in terms of performance, but how the athletes actually perform on the field of play and how many years they last at the professional level.

The C5 Elite line of assessments is a scientifically developed and validated tool that identifies those individuals who have the "elite athlete mentality," i.e., the mental toughness and winning attitude it takes to succeed. And now the C5 Elite is available in three versions:

Hire conscientious, top performers with an elite athlete mentality.

Recruit, draft and develop competitive athletes who perform at the elite level.

Recruit and enlist committed, mentally tough, elite military personnel.

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