Inspite of whether the employee is hired or is about to be hired, Employers must be prepared to conduct Background Checks constantly. Here are a few of the reasons for employment screening.

General Questions

We are caught up into hundreds of registered databases and data sources, digging out up-to-date information every time a check is asked for.

We are registered with the significant Data Protection bodies worldwide to grant the way in to registered databases.

No, Background Check Group doesn’t sell any information about you or any for your applicants.

Yes, our background checks include people from over 200 countries.

You can lawfully keep the information for the span of time they are working for your corporation. Still, you ought to delete their information within 7 years of the employment ending.

Several studies have established that data stored in the cloud is less expected to be misplaced, deleted or leaked than data stored on a personal computer. Onfido upholds bank-grade protection using 256-bit SSL encryption. All our data is completely encrypted at rest and in transit, and we employ state-of-the-art firewall and back-up technology. All our data is endlessly backed up in a number of high security access-controlled data centers in different locations.

Just for fear that you by mistake delete a record; we hold a backup on a protected remote server that holds the data for 24 hours.

We never perform any checks without the applicant’s approval. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for additional information.

As long as an applicant gives us their permission, their data is held until the applicant or their employer requests for it to be deleted.

Accounts and Billing

No. With Onfido, there are no monthly bills or payments. Our system is entirely pay-as-you-go, and you’re free to top up at any time you like.

No, you can buy as many checks as you like through our pay-as-you-go system.

We allow payment through card or bank transmits.

You can at all times delete your account and all data in it. We make sure that data is permanently deleted once the need for it has finished, in agreement with Data Protection Regulations.

No. You can put in as many users as you want to in your account.

Yes: with Onfido, you obtain discounts depending on the amount you top up. Check out our pricing to see how precisely the system works.

Onfido, alongside all the other providers of criminal data, buys this data straight from governments at regular, non-discountable prices.

Our Checks

You should constantly bear out a background check on an applicant prior to they start work, and tell the applicant that the bid of employment is reliant on a concluded background check. This way, you can make sure that unwanted applicants (i.e. those who have something to hide) will have a reason to complete the check before they can start work. You may wish to consequently withdraw the offer of employment based on the results of the check.

You must have your applicant’s approval to hold out a check on them. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for further information.

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You will receive interesting updates about Background Screening

We will not leak your personal information

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