The moment you are going to initiate your hiring process, the background screening is the gist of the procedure. If your hiring execution does not constitute a specified segment for background check, then you are certainly going through the wrong way. But what about those applicants who possess criminal record but now they have straightened their way? It has remained a burning question in the mind of criminal history applicants. Based on the diversified aspects, the criminal applicant can seek the opportunity as well. Here, we are going to resolve such queries so that you remain well aware of all the aspects of job application and screening process at Background Check Group.

Job Applicants FAQS

Background Check actually processes your yield as per your discretion. Ranging from the simple verifications, it can process an extensive case as well. The criminal history record, educational record and other acquaintances can be gauged out. Most specifically, it processes the following heads:

  • Credit History
  • Driving Record
  • Criminal History
  • Educational Background
  • Court Hearings
  • Bankruptcy Record
  • Medical and Drug Record
  • Personality References
  • Military Records
  • Licensing Record
  • Vehicle registration
  • Harassment Record

Three segments; private investigators, online data brokers and employment screeners; conduct Background checks. We have posted an extensive list on our website to see our team members.

If such situation occurs, then rush towards your employer to discuss the matter on immediate basis. To be direct, you can lawfully file a case on screening company. Before going to such level, do consult the company and aware them about the error on their part. Afterwards, take the support of email process to lodge formal request.

The screening company can demand 30 days to process the disputed case. Moreover, it can take up to 45 days in some matters to be settled. However, if your case cannot be detected in good faith, your case will be rejected straightaway.

As per law, the investigation yield can be shared with the employer, its agent, state government, local government and federal state agent officer.

As your relatives and neighbors are your best references, the company does scrutinize them as well. The company can affiliate them to you for attaining the overview of your historical background. This will tell us all about you; your ethical background, corporate culture, flexibility and attitude.

Certainly not! The company is screening you just for the sake of evading all the risky factors. Moreover, it will only verify your credentials so that you can start your work with ease.

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