Run a Background Check With Self Verification Platform And Save Your Time And Effort


Self- verification platform is here for job seekers, healthcare professionals, independent contractors, blue-collar job workers, etc. Keeping in mind the background checks, you are free to enjoy their benefits too. You have come all your way long to go with it and at the same time advised others to do the same. You can easily rely on trusted firms, which helps to run your self- verification screening, verification, and background checks for you. And no doubt they have been proving their best to work in a splendid manner for a better online verification check.


The candidate verification system (CVC) acts as an add- on to the verification management system (VMS). Thus, it gets optional. On the other hand, CVC amounts to the efficiency of the VMC to make everything well and easy for you. Moreover, it will help the candidate to personally access the background check platform. They can do so by filling in their personal information which will in turn lessen the workload of your professional team. Just when the candidate is done with everything, background check order will be activated. An email will be received by you to make you come across your candidate’s progress. You will later on receive a notification about the results.


Apart from what is given, a lot more better things can be done about it. Do you know what? Well, you can create your own self- verification platform. Yes! What else? You can opt for better background check services to individuals and many other organizations seeking for it. With the help of CVC, you can work for individuals to perform several tasks. And the list goes down below-

  • Basic Background Checks
  • Job Seekers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Independent contractors
  • Volunteers
  • Blue- collar job workers
  • Custom

The above mentioned list comes in packages and you can choose whatever package you want to place an order for background checks. What you can do is place the information on behalf of the customers. You can even ask them to do it all by themselves, according to their own choice. This will make them come across an experience of using a service managed by


  • Customized user interface- This will modify or rather customizes the CVC as per your way of meeting your brand goals and corporate needs.
  • Verification management tools- This will make you keep a track of the candidates who are not yet done with their orders. Other things like analysing reports, accessing invoicing and statements, and tracking everyone’s statistics will also be carried out here.

  • E- Signature feature- This will help the candidates to sign the forms online. This will prevent you from running after them to get the form signed.
  • Track and organize events easily- The data entry form book can be organized with the help of candidate management tool. The required documents and other data can also be tracked here.


Ready to Get Your all-in-one Background Screening Platform

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