Validate The Companies You Work And Associate With


At the end of the day, the responsibility of ensuring that the company you are working with is a genuine company and everything that it says about itself is true falls on the shoulders of your company. If at a later stage there are some legal and integrity issues that crop up with respect to this associate company of yours. You could be held responsible for the same as well. You will not be allowed to plead ignorance about this aspect of the other company. Hence, it becomes necessary that before, you join the name of your company with some other company, in any form, you should do thorough company validation check on the same.



You can suffer some huge losses if you fall in the trap of those fraud companies who vanish in the middle of the night, leaving companies like yours stranded with financial and legal complications. The only way to protect yourself from this fraud is by conducting due diligence and check company financial stability for all companies before getting into any agreement or business with them. Background Check Group conducts checks on the background and credentials of both domestic as well as foreign companies and ensures that you deal with only genuine companies.


It is not just important to know that the company you are dealing with does have an office at the registered address provided by it or that it does file an income tax statement every year. There are many other aspects about a company’s working which need to be confirmed in order to know whether it is a genuine company or not. Background Check Group provides its clients with a detailed credit report about the company, with which the client may want to associate itself with. This detailed credit report contains information on the following points:


Validate The Companies You Work And Associate With

The last four checks help in identifying any red flags which could have been raised against the company internationally.

There are not one or two, but thousands of companies across the world whose licenses get revoked, thus making dealings with them illegal. Therefore, it is extremely important that to safeguard the interests of your own company, you must not deal with such companies and the only way to identify such fraud companies is by hiring the services of Background Check Group which will conduct the most comprehensive and thorough company validation check on each and every company you which to associate your name with.

  • Date of registration of the company, along with the current status of this registration certificate. The certificate could have been revoked recently and therefore, checking the current status of the registration becomes important.
  • The type and category of the certificate that has been issued to the company.
  • The current status of the company and whether it has got its certificate renewed or not.
  • Verification of the business address provides by the company and also details about the capital invested in the company.
  • Details about the Board of Directors and shareholders of the company.
  • Information about the financial stability of the company and whether its operations are viable or not.
  • Scoring the company on the basis of its credit standing and debt reports.
  • National ID issued by the government.
  • Does the company have any identity cards issued by the industry?
  • Details of any document which could have been issued by some licensing authority.
  • Passport and visa status of the company.


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