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The past few years have witnessed and increase in the fraudulent cases within the financial world. The banking and financial institutions have in extremely vulnerable to such shams which shook the entire world. Unfortunately, many of these were caused by an inside person. As a result the institutions have faced a great loss of credibility and reputation. Hence, to reduce the risk that arises from within your workforce the industry specific solutions from Background Check Group helps to combat such scenarios. Our extremely effective screening process helps to mitigate the risks within the organization, keeping the integrity of your organization intact.


Background Check Group provides optimized ways and solutions to the companies and helps in screening out the candidates who do not seem genuine or have a hidden history of frauds. The financial institutions in particular face such dilemmas of whether to trust or not to trust an employee with sensitive details and monetary transactions. This problem can be solved if just at the time of recruitments the details are validated thus ensuring the reliability of the candidate. Background Check Group does this for you, so that you have to focus on nothing but your core business and operations and incase we find something ‘fishy’ we inform our clients right on time so as to take the necessary step. The Background Check Group not only figures out the red flags in the financial sector but also makes sure to combat the risk of the fraudulent behavior inside the organization.


Keeping in accordance with all home and international laws Background Check Group helps its partners almost all around the globe customized solutions and effective background check services to validate and confirm the given credentials of the candidates.  The industry specific services provided by Background Check Group are:

  • Global Criminality Check
  • Identity Validation Check
  • Qualification Validation
  • Employment Verification
  • International Criminality Check
  • Diploma Mill Check
  • Psymatrix – Character Profile Test
  • International Financial Regulatory Check


Background Check Group has a professional team which is well equipped with all the ‘know-how’s’ of figuring out ways for confirming the details provided by the candidate. With the increasing pressure on all the banking and financial institutions to find ways so as to filter out the truly eligible candidates from those who just appear to be eligible enough, Background Check Group has made it possible for them to achieve this arduous task without going the extra mile. We bring to you a simpler way to weed out those which may be harmful for your organization and keep those who will make it grow.


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