threesixtyº is a powerful and completely customisable 360º assessment tool, used to gather meaningful feedback from a wide range of people about an individual’s working behaviours, such as people management, team working and interpersonal styles, with a view to improving them. This tool identifies the strengths and development needs of an individual, while also providing a comprehensive guide to suitable development interventions.

  • Select from a bank of questionnaires and 40 pre-designed competencies, or create your own.

  • All aspects of threesixtyº are fully customisable

  • Sophisticated development narrative - our threesixtyº tool identifies solutions as well as issues

Latest Innovation: You can now modify the training recommendations on the report to ensure that the development interventions match exactly what you offer.

Reviewer Details

threesixty° allows you to completely tailor the details of reviews taking part. Most tools will force reviewers to be categorised as colleagues, direct reports, or managers - with threesixty° you have the ability to define whatever relationships are required, whether it is director, indirect report, or even relative!

Overall Summary

The overall summary gives a high-level overview of the Focus' scores for each competency included in the threesixty° assessment, organized into common categories including communication, relationships and vision. This overview provides an excellent starting point for analysing an individual's strengths, potential issues and development needs.

Relationship Summary

The relationship summary describes how each group of reviewers has scored the Focus, by splitting their feedback into individual charts. Being able to see the differences in scores for each competency according to the relationship of the reviewer enables you to target any key areas or potential issues that relate to specific groups of colleagues.

Competency Summary

A threesixty° assessment asks the reviewers to rate a variety of competencies, measured through a number of statements describing the behaviors of the focus. For each competency, you receive an in depth summary of the feedback provided by the reviewers, including a definition of the competency, anonymised comments left by the reviewers, and scores for each competency for reviewers according to their relationship to the focus. Competency summaries are a great way of gaining some in-depth detail about a focus' strengths, potential issues and development needs. threesixty° is incredibly easy to use with any of the 40+ out-of-the-box competencies available in The Psychometric Portal or, if you have developed your own competency framework, your own.

Behaviour Summary

Each competency in threesixty° is measured by a number of statements, and the behavior summary presents a breakdown of the statements that contribute to the overall score of the each competency. This is particularly useful for identifying specific strengths and development needs amongst individual behaviors, rather than more general development needs between whole competencies. It is not uncommon for an individual to perform well on a competency, but still have some development needs for specific behaviours.

Development Interventions

Development interventions are ideal when you want to know how the focus can work towards improving their potential issues or development needs. The range and variety of interventions for all of the standard threesixty° competencies means that there is something for every learning style - whether it is reading that may aid development, potential learning and development solutions, or just simple behavioral change.

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