The Job Analysis tools are ideal for the identification of areas to probe at interview, for candidate sifting during the recruitment process, or for the identification of training and development needs.

Our revolutionary Job Analysis tools allow you to identify the key requirements of a particular role. Your ideal role profile can be generated with our Job Analysis questionnaire, or you may design a bespoke ideal role profile by picking your own mix of behaviours and competencies.


Designing an ideal role profile can be difficult if you don't have the expertise in the role you're looking to fill - the Job Analysis Questionnaire makes this a fast and easy process. The questionnaire can be sent round to individuals who will have the best idea of what correct mix of competencies it takes for someone to be successful in their role, reducing the number of interviews and meetings you need to compile your own role profile.

Self Designed

If you already know what behaviors and competencies are important or crucial to the role that you're trying to fill, creating a self-designed ideal role profile will allow you to do so with ease. The ideal sten scores for any of the behaviors, styles, types or competencies available in The Quest Profiler can be included in an ideal role profile. Once created, role summaries can be generated that define the role and also provide a range of competency based interview questions.

Role Profile Summary

Once an ideal role profile has been created using Job Analysis, a summary of the role can be downloaded. This summary report includes descriptions of the behaviors and competencies that have been identified as important or crucial to the role and, for interview purposes, a range of competency based interview questions can be included in the report.

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