Background checks is essential to eliminate all the risk factors attached to applicants that will effect in business ventures and majorly in partnerships. Screening is done with our strong network and effective screeners who are highly qualified for this purpose in Liechtenstein are working in collaboration with us, helping us undergo the best process of verification which will give you a detailed and in-depth knowledge to our clients. The most intended information for any business in terms of protection against all the hidden intentions and covered facts behind important business proposals, this will lead you to make logical and wise decisions for any business proposal after getting to know all the hidden factors which have caused you the most if left undiscovered.



*Note: This is just a sample report. It may change according to your requirements and country



The applicant will be analyzed in-depth in accordance to know his background with court, this is to assure if the applicant is clear and liable for any particular job or not. This check is must and we provide a detailed and authentic report of the applicant.

Applicant of Liechtenstein will also undergo the local police check and this will make us generate a report about his criminal acts or the charges the applicant has over him.

There are three types of police check which includes; basic, standard and enhanced. These checks are done for different applicants depending on the need of the job. Basic check can be applied for any applicant and the results are based on the National police report. A standard check is for some industry level jobs and here the result depends on central records both for spent and unspent convictions.

Whereas the most in-depth check is the enhanced check where it has almost the same information as that of a standard check, but it additionally has the report of a local police, if needed by a client then Barred list check can also be included in Enhanced check.

Undoubtedly it is one of the most important check for any organization to know about the staff is their residential address. We provide the verification service for recent or permanent or any previous address specified by the client.

This check will verify all the driving details as well as the check of the vehicle the applicant uses. This is an in-depth verification of the driving license.

The passport verification check is conducted on the recent passport of the applicant and a detailed report is gathered about the travels and details related to it.

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