General Information

GDP USD17.228bn (World ranking 113, World Bank 2014)
Population 1.71 million (World ranking 151, World Bank 2012)
Form of state Multiparty Presidential Republic
Head of government Ali Ben BONGO Ondimba
Next elections 2016, presidential and legislative (National Assembly)



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Sovereign risk

Gabon’s sovereign risk rating has been adversely affected by declining oil production and lower global oil prices, which will lead to a weakening in the fiscal and current-account positions. A plunge in the exchange rate against the dollar is also magnifying the external debt burden.

Banking sector risk

The banking sector risk score will remain vulnerable to the widening fiscal deficit, given banks’ exposure to public entities and government suppliers. However, ample liquidity and access to central bank refinancing should limit the downside risks.

Political risk

Anti-government protests will continue to pose recurring challenges to political stability as the government struggles to address public grievances in the context of falling oil revenue. However, the risk of regime overthrow is limited by good relations between the army and the president, Ali Bongo Ondimba, as well as by some limited efforts to open up the political spherefor instance by lifting unpopular bans on opposition parties.

Economic structure risk

Despite some progress with economic diversification and relatively low levels of public debt, Gabon’s overdependence on oil remains the primary structural risk. With the current account expected to slip into deficit in 2015 and the fiscal position also deteriorating, the BB rating is increasingly at risk.

Travel Risk


The decision to travel is your responsibility. You are also responsible for your personal safety abroad. The purpose of this Travel Advice is to provide up-to-date information to enable you to make well-informed decisions.

Exercise a high degree of caution and register with the Consulate of Canada in Libreville.

Maintain a high level of security awareness at all times and avoid public gatherings and street demonstrations.


Petty crime, such as pickpocketing, purse snatching and vehicle break-ins, has increased, particularly in markets, transportation hubs and areas frequented by tourists. Do not show signs of affluence. Resisting a robbery can lead to further violence.

Violent crime occurs, including business and residential robberies and armed attacks, particularly in Libreville and Port-Gentil. Remain alert to your surroundings and avoid walking alone after dark, even in places visited by tourists. You should also avoid walking alone on beaches.


Cases of attempted fraud are frequently reported in this country. See our Overseas Fraud page for more information on scams abroad.

Road travel

Road conditions are poor and road signs are often insufficient. The use of a four-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended. Keep vehicle doors locked and windows closed. In the event of a traffic accident, proceed to the nearest police station. Towing and repair services are not widely available outside Libreville. There are frequent police roadblocks. Cooperate with local authorities and avoid travelling after dark.

Public Transportation

You can use public transportation such as the train or the bus. The Transgabonese railroad offers a passenger train service that runs from Libreville to Franceville and makes stops in Ndjole, Booué and Lastoursville. When taking taxis in the cities, negotiate the price before getting in the cab. Most taxi drivers automatically double their fares after 9 pm.

No reliable information about Gabon Airlines’ safety standards is available.

See Transportation Safety in order to verify if national airlines meet safety standards.

General safety information

Ensure that personal belongings, passport, and other travel documents are secure at all times.

Tourist facilities are limited outside the capital. Ecotourism is generally safe; however, you should make arrangements only with reputable companies and not venture from your organized tour group.

In case of an emergency, dial 177 for the police.


Pirate attacks occur in coastal waters and, in some cases, farther out at sea. Mariners should take appropriate precautions. For additional information, consult the Live Piracy Report published by the International Maritime Bureau.

Address Format




Gabon Tours
622 Avenue du Colonel Parant
Centre Ville


Gabon GDP Last Previous Highest Lowest Unit
GDP 19.34 17.84 19.34 0.14 USD Billion
GDP Annual Growth Rate 5.50 3.30 5.90 -11.30 percent
GDP per capita 6937.71 6709.07 12451.72 2790.92 USD
GDP per capita PPP 18646.37 18031.86 20503.58 16058.06 USD
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